Why the Y6 OTG Ski Goggles Are One of the Most Surprising Options

Bolle Y6 OTG Goggles

It’s always a necessity to protect your eyes when doing any type of sports. It can be especially important when doing winter sports; not only to keep your eyes from being injured, but to be able to see where you are going through the blowing snow and other obstructions. The right goggles are certainly a huge consideration to take as you take off for the slopes and when you already wear prescribed glasses to improve your vision, this can be an even bigger concern. Bolle took all of this into consideration when developing their eye protection. Take a look at why we think that the Y6 OTG goggles are possibly just the answer you might be looking for.

The Highlights of the Y6 by Bolle

These goggles are sure to be a welcome addition to your cold weather equipment if you already wear prescription glasses to correct your vision. They are a sturdy and well made piece of winter weather gear with a strong flexible set of frames and they have a wide adjustable strap that makes for easy wearing all day on the slopes or anywhere else. In addition, they will fit over your daily glasses with ease and superb comfort.Besides being large enough to go over the glasses well, they are made with double padded foam so that they can still snug up to your face and it’s specially designed to still provide a snug fit, no matter what the weather conditions are. This pair also has a double-vented PC lens and a specially engineered flow-tech venting frame to help reduce fogging and give you a good airflow.

The Downsides of this Pair

Even though they do have a highly developed venting system, several users have still reported a slight fogging issue. It isn’t severe for most people, and it seems to be a pretty low occurrence, but it is still something to keep in mind before you snap a pair of these up.These goggles come with a shiny, sleekly styled white, black or silver frame and a vermillion gun colored lens. These are the only options available for purchase and this can be a little frustrating as several others, such as the Oakley Splice, have a ton of different variations to choose from. While most customers still got a fantastic amount of visibility with the lenses provided, a few did report that they would have preferred a few more variations.

Looking at a little more information

This pair of ski goggles is produced by a company named Bolle, Inc. They are very reputable, having been manufacturing different sorts of equipment for over a century. After all this time, they certainly know what they are doing. This pair is priced at the lower end of the spectrum,.They are specifically designed to be work over your glasses so they also have cutouts in the foam to make the fit even better.  This helps assist with any gaping, as well, making sure that they fit tightly against your face without slipping around or bumping your everyday glasses. In addition, they let you have a wide field of vision while skiing, snowboarding, riding a snowmobile or any other wintery fun. This eye protection offers good visibility even as far as your peripheral vision is concerned. The lenses are made from p80 plus and carbo-glas and are perfectly designed for partially sunny days. In addition, they make it easier to differentiate the shadows and bumps on any ski course. Many people have also stated that they worked well in other weather conditions as well, so that shouldn’t be too much of a concern.The Y6 model by Bolle also doesn’t have reports of a high incidence of scratching easily so that’s certainly another point in their favor. They not only have strong, well made frames, the lenses have also had a lot of development time put into them. This can help you spend many years out in the snow without having to replace your equipment on a regular basis.

What conclusion do we have?

These OTG goggles by Bolle are very low cost, while still remaining fashionable and comfortable; particularly as far as quality gear goes. But, even at such a low price, they have a lot of value to offer, making them a real bargain. This is definitely the case for those that need protection over their prescription glasses. They still give you many different features like comfort and improved visibility even with the few downfalls that we found in them. This pair comes out to be one of the best buys just because it is packed with so many fantastic features, but won’t leave your pocket empty.