YogaAccessories 1-4 Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

They know you can’t buy happiness, but Yoga Accessories will make sure the products you buy from them will have a chance to make you happy. Their aim is to provide customers supplies to enrich spiritual wellness and holistic living. Among the various goods and services they offer is a knowledgeable team of professionals continuously providing quality service, and a premium line of yoga equipments designed for personal development. In their excellent selection of high quality supplies, the best-selling wholesale mat is the Extra Thick Deluxe ¼”.

The Durable Deluxe

The 6.2 mm bulk gives you comfort like no other. It cushions your hands and feet, and keeps you steady as you shift to your next stretching poses. With just the right amount of sticky and stable, it keeps you in place as you practice. The length is also notable – at 74 inches this can be used by people with long limbs. Low-cost, attractive to the eyes, durable and almost twice as thick as the average ones, this is best suited for restorative poses, Pilates and various types of yoga.As with standard pads that are not branded environmentally friendly, there have been complaints of how strong the smell is once you get the product delivered. It is therefore recommended to air them out at first, and maybe wipe them with soap and water (and sometimes lemon), to eradicate the pungent smell.

Compared to the Aurorae ¼” Memory Foam

Both of them are similar in a few things – being a quarter of an inch thick is one of them. The two are made from unknown materials and they are both Phthalate-free. The Deluxe boasts of being latex- and heavy metal-free, but Aurorae is biodegradable and thus, environmental-friendly.  They are quite different in a number of aspects as well. The Aurorae has better dry traction and its wet traction is just slightly more stable. However, the Deluxe provides far better comfort. The Aurorae’s foam has minimal padding, which has the tendency to compress, leaving you to end up with less cushion than you started with.

The Deluxe Is For You If You Want… 

SOMETHING THAT LOOKS PRETTY. With all its vibrant colors and patterns, just standing on the pad is sure to boost your mood. If you feel like branding it as well, you can have your personal logo, artwork, or any design printed customized on your selection from the bright color palette.

TO BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR PRACTICE. The cushion is a luxurious gift to the body. While you stretch yourself in your routine you will feel at ease with the thickness as it serves as a buffer between you and the cold, hard floor. Those who strain their wrist, back, or knees are much more relaxed with the padding this provides.

TO GET THE GEAR FOR A LOW PRICE. You can purchase one at a low price online. Without doubt, it’s great value for money for yogis who don’t want to spend too much on equipment.

TO KEEP IT FOR A LONG TIME.It is among the most durable of pads, better even than the ProSource Premium ½ inch. Even after most standard mats have already broken down, this foam’s top quality is still intact.

ENJOY PRACTICE OCCASIONALLY WITHOUT TOO MUCH OF A COMMITMENT. Definitely the affordable choice for those who only practice yoga occasionally. It is easily washable so it’s convenient for users to take care of and keep it after use.

AN EXERCISE MAT. It may in some cases be better for other workouts that don’t have to hold poses as long as you do in yoga. 

It’s Not For You If You’re…

VERY SELECTIVE WHEN IT COMES TO THE SURFACE OF YOUR MAT.For professional yogis, it might be better to invest on more expensive ones that provide better traction and comfort. For those who practice more than twice a week, you’ll definitely want to think about getting just the comfortable piece, but rather the more stable one that provides optimum grip.

A YOGI NOMAD WHO TRIES OUT DIFFERENT STUDIOS AND CLASSES. This is not for travelling. It’s mostly used at home or by studios that offer classes, in fact, because of its bulkiness. At 74 inches long and a quarter of an inch thick, you wouldn’t really expect to just fold it up like thin paper.

AN ENVIRONMENT ENTHUSIAST. Though it may be latex-, heavy metal- and phthalate-free, it is still made from chemicals that are not earth friendly. Among the best of eco-friendly options is the Jade Harmony Professional, which comes at a much higher price than this one.

Should I or Shouldn’t I

This is the item to buy for those who want the extra padding for joint areas that hurt as you move around the mat. For the type that only dabbles at yoga, this is perfectly convenient for its price. Longer and thicker than most, you may order this online and you’ll still be sure that it will fit you no matter what size you are. The limited lifetime guarantee provided comes with prompt service delivery as well.