Yoga Mats


The words “yoga” and “men” are not usually used in the same sentence together. This is because the practice, which was originally done by Indian men five millennia past has somehow become associated to femininity once it crossed over to the West. In a world where manly undertakings equate to competitive activities, men don’t exactly flock around studios, no matter how numerous they are. The cute outfits and colorful mats women bring to the studio don’t help either.Sure, everyone has heard of the countless physical and mental benefits, but still, men are averse to the idea of bending down and holding poses not considered masculine. To start the practice, one must overcome the social, mental and physical obstacles that will be faced by the potential man yogi. Some are actually convinced and sign up for classes, and they start to feel how the practice of yoga improves other aspects of their lives as well.Even the motor-riding, moustache-wearing, muscled manly man that choose to do so will discover the wonder it brings – to work that include physical labor, to his other sports, to his sex life, and his mindset in life. Consistent practice will help you achieve your yoga potential to the fullest.


Yoga has been so popular during recent years that it’s hard to look for someone who hasn’t heard of the term at all. Knowing of it however, is different from knowing about it. Some people do not know that there are different types and each one is designed to target specific needs of people.With dozens of classes to choose from, it’s not hard to imagine why this trend has become a twenty billion dollar industry. Some classes may sound similar. Hot Yoga for one is basically just Bikram, but Bikram follows a series of twenty-six poses, and if the class doesn’t follow this order, it has to be called something else. Power Yoga is based from Ashtanga, which is a fast-paced class by itself, and just made more so by the western version.The range is varied however. There is a class applicable to people with injuries, designed to stretch the muscles to help it heal. It’s not just for your relaxation, because there’s also a type that will have you swinging in the air in a fabric hanging from the ceiling.The various available sessions really ensure that the practice is for everyone – whatever your body type, age, or physical limitation is, there’s one just right for you.


Choosing a new hobby or trying out a new sport usually requires you to spend money for the gear needed. Some sports you have to buy balls, others you purchase rackets, and even when you want to keep fit, you either purchase a gym membership or a machine at home.The first thing we think of are the clothes – you’ll sweat in these but since you’re most likely going to be in public, you might want to purchase something else aside from the ragged ones you use at home. Yogis choose form fitting ones to keep the fabric close to their skin. You don’t want your long shirt getting in the way of your pose. Aside from that, your mat is important too. This is what you’re going to use most as you hold your position. Towels, blankets, straps, belts, bolsters and foam blocks are other additional equipment you may choose to get. If you decide to buy these equipments and commit to exercise often, it’s a good decision to invest in materials that will last. It will save you money, instead of buying every now and then when the cheap ones tear down. And lastly, it’s better to learn that you need something from experience, rather than buying something and ending up not using it afterwards.


Meditation is the art of focusing your full attention to a single point of reference. By doing so, you aim to lift your mind away from all the distractions that may come up. Since in difficult times in our lives we seem to not have any other thoughts in our minds aside from our problems, this might sound easy. However, even though about twenty thousand people in the US alone start to, not everyone manages to practice consistently.Before we think that we have no time to spend meditating, remember the 1440 minutes in a day, and then subtract 5 of it for this. You spend longer waiting in line for your Starbucks coffee.Like all things worth of our attention, starting to practice meditation will be difficult. You will realize how busy your brain actually is. Removing all distractions make other urges come into view. After a few sessions, it will start to change.Scientific research proves that the brain is improved by meditation, which in turns benefit the rest of the body as well. Emotional and social well-being is also developed. With continuous practice, we realize that the few minutes we spend eliminating distraction eventually help in refocusing our energy into the more important parts of life.


If you haven’t even heard about yoga without a mat, you’re missing something awesome. Practicing off the pad may just be one of the best things you do as a yogi. If you feel as if the rectangular space restrains you, start expanding your horizons – look outside and imagine yourself being barefoot and feeling the soil under your feet.There are a lot of alternatives to the rubber pad as we know it, and we’re not just talking about the stuff they’re made of. Although, there are natural-made products that are good for the environment and your skin.You can start with your own home, getting equipment you already have to help you with your poses. Towels, rugs, blankets and carpets are acceptable options. You may decide to get paws, the wearable gloves and socks you can take anywhere you want. For the more adventurous yogi, AeroYoga is another possibility. Do cool poses as you swing off the ceiling.The range of choices proves that yoga is more than the floor exercises we commonly see. True yogis live their lifestyle based on the beliefs they do in the studio, but it is the application in the real world that makes this a lifestyle to emulate.


Most yoga mats are made from PVC, making them sticky, sturdy and great for your practice. This component, however, also makes them non-biodegradable, and to some extent, bad for the environment. Yes, there are products available that are environment- friendly, but what will you do with the used ones you have at home that aren’t? For one, don’t throw it away.It’s almost an impossibility for frequent yoga users to use a single yoga mat throughout their life. You eventually have to replace these and buy new ones. Instead of tossing in the trash, you have lots of options on how to reuse it, depending on your interests.You certainly don’t need to be artsy to do these, though that skill may come in handy. For others, simple cutting skills will do. There are multiple options for animal lovers and sports enthusiasts, and for those who enjoy outdoor activities, arts & crafts and home improvement activities.If these aren’t your kind of thing, do with it as with any of your old stuff – donate them. A lot of facilities, shelters, and care institutions will be grateful to have these rubber pads, and you’ll feel better knowing that your donation made someone’s life better.