Zensah Compression Socks

Zensah Compression Socks


Zensah offers the best of the best in this product: gradient compression in full foot and leg covering for optimal compression, arch support, Achilles tendon supporter, calf and shin protection. This is augmented by fabric that is guaranteed not to chafe or cause any skin irritation. It even includes silver ions that are anti-microbial and meant to endure even the warmest weather without compromising dryness. Zensah borrows their name from the idea that athletes should be without limits, and these socks help curb the usual limits that athletes face, such as injuries, muscle soreness, and long recovery times.


Consumer reviews attest to the fact that Zensah provide unparalleled results. One reviewer even goes so far as to make a direct comparison to Vitalsox and declare Zensah the winner. Runners can expect a reduction in shin splints, faster recovery time, reduced soreness, the whole deal. In addition, this product is flexible and will also prove its worth to those who desire compression for long work days, travel, and pregnancy. The high quality is evident in the extreme effectiveness.


I like the look of the Zensah socks less than Vitalsox, but there is nothing about them that I necessarily find visually unappealing. They’re unassuming, often solid colors with different coloration for the heel and toes. You can see the ribbing easily on all except for the black. They do also include an argyle pattern, however, which I haven’t seen before in the sportier socks and it is a welcome addition to the standard offerings.


These socks have the least number of complaints in terms of sizing, which is saying something because we all know how difficult buying socks in general can be, and compression socks have it more difficult by being knee-highs. They are also reportedly incredibly comfortable, which is important for a product that you theoretically wear during the bulk of the day (and possible even at night too). Users have also indicated that the fit remains post-wash, which means a longer lasting sock. As with all compression socks, it is important to follow the sizing guide, which takes into account foot size and calf diameter. You may have to sacrifice foot fit to get the right snugness around the calf, which is what I would recommend if you’re between sizes or it fits well in one area and not another, because if you compromise on the calf area, then you are either going too tight and could risk cutting off the circulation in your leg or you’re going too loose and you might as well not be wearing compression socks at all.


You get what you pay for, and with Zensah you’re paying for a lot. Thankfully, this does translate to a high quality sock that won’t die out on you after a number of intense runs or weeks of work wherein you stand all day. Zensah boasts a fabric that is better than all of its competitors. They do use materials that others don’t and according to reviews that does end up making a difference. You can also expect them to retain their level of tightness over a number of wears, which means you’ll always be getting the compression that you need.

What Sets Them Apart

Zensah is committed to remaining at the forefront of cutting technology that allows them to put out the best product possible. It’s hard to say and really get into the science of compression, but they’re claims are substantiated by the customer reviews. Many people praise Zensah compression socks as the penultimate, the best of the best.

Still Not Certain?

If you’re not sure whether or not these are the socks for you, consider the following breakdown:

Zensah Compression Socks are Great If

  • You’re willing to spend the money for the best
  • You’ll get your money’s worth by wearing them frequently
  • You’re looking to reduce your foot swelling, leg pain, shin splints, or increase muscle recovery time
  • You want a full sock and not just a sleeve

Zensah Compression Socks Might Not Be for You If

  • You’re looking for a better deal; similar results can be had for a fraction of the price
  • You don’t need the athletic benefits; more casual-style products are out there that don’t market towards the sports market but will still help with things like travel and long work days spent on your feet (or sitting, for that matter)
  • You want to keep your feet free and thus wear sleeves

The Bottom Line

The consensus remains that Zensah compression socks are the best at reducing pain and swelling, preventing shin splints, protecting the calves, and promoting faster recovery. So, if you want the best, then look no further.